Producers    CHRIS AMOS

                     MICHAEL STYLIANOU

A Blackpool dancer risks his career and family to perform with another man in a same sex ballroom dancing championship.


Jack has grown up in the tight-knit world of Blackpool ballroom dancing competitions. His father and coach, a former world champion, has trained Jack to follow in his footsteps. Yet, despite a bit of success dancing with his partner Carmen, Jack knows something is not working. His love life is nonexistent and by night he dances in the chorus line at a cabaret bar, leaving him feeling deeply unsatisfied. One night he meets Gene at a ballroom dance, who has recently moved to Blackpool from New York to be with his boyfriend. In secret they dance together as Jack prepares for the World Championships with Carmen. When others find out, all hell breaks loose. Jack must make up his mind, who is he going to dance with...Gene or Carmen?